Friday, September 11, 2009

Surprise inspection.

The sign said please come back later. I said I live for moments like this. Walking in on a room cleaning is thrilling. This is where you have the opportunity to see how the housekeeper works. In Las Vegas, I encountered an unappetizing housekeeping practice. My new hotel toiletries were sitting in the washroom garbage can. The same can that is usually not lined in plastic (although I insist on plastic bags for all of my garbage cans in all hotels I stay in)! In this situation, I advised the housekeeping director. At the George V Paris, I was pleased to see the pillows and duvet sitting on the furniture, not the floor, as they awaited changing. Hygiene faux pas averted. Hit.


  1. How fun (and somewhat alarming) to come across this blog. Eva, I'm sure there are thousands (if not millions) of kindred spirits out there. I myself prefer not think about germs, it can make you crazy (not that I'm inferring). Germs are invisible for a reason. Don't let them spoil your visit to the most beautiful city in the world. And for the POV of a hotel insider visit


  2. Love your blog! I'm a moderate germaphobe, and I can't tell you how refreshing it is to read your blog! You're hillarious!

    I don't know what line of work you're in, but you should consider being a comedian in your spare time! You and Howie Mandel would be a great act together! Did you know he recently came out with a memoire called "Here's the Deal: Don't Touch me". I just ordered the audiobook for myself as a Christmas present. Can't wait to hear it!

    Regarding how the housekeepers do their job...I've seen them throw pillows on the floor *after* they've changed the pillowcases, since they tend to start with those linens first! It's so disgusting! I've never used hotel pillowcases since then! I bring my own, and if I forget, I use a T-Shirt.

    Some questions:

    1. In a more recent post, you said you'd write more about the effectiveness of warm salt water in preventing the proliferation of H1N1 in an healthy person. Would you mind posting more details on this? Thanks!

    2. Do you do anything special to filter your air while riding on a plane?

    3. How did you manage motherhood when your daughter was a toddler, especially during playdates with germ-friendly parents and their kids? What did you/your daughter do for fun?

    4. What was on your policy on toddler birthday parties (your daughter's party or her friends' parties)? I'm particularly interested in the toddler years since most kids are usually covered in germs during those years.


  3. Hello HH!

    Just following up on the comment/questions that I posted for you almost two (2) months ago (in November 2009).

    Would you be so kind as to reply, please?
    So many of us fellow germaphobes moms are awaiting your response! :)