Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not just me.

Every once in a while, I think, maybe, just maybe, I've taken this hygiene thing a bit too far. Perhaps I should live and let live. So in this instance, I asked my podiatrist, Dr. Tobinski, his opinion. You can guess mine. "What do you think of going barefoot in an airplane?" His reply was, "No. Never. You don't know what's on the ground. There could be puke." Kindred spirits. Although, you should never trust me to remove a bunion from your foot. You have to love a doctor who uses the word puke as opposed to emesis. Dr. T added that you could pick up a wart, a fungus or even a bacterial infection. He does believe you should take your shoes off for comfort. In his opinion, socks are just fine. This is what separates the Hygiene Hunter from the podiatrist. The Hygiene Hunter would never contaminate her shoe afterwards. That's why I bring disposable slippers with me. To test his conviction, I asked the million dollar question, "For $1 million would you walk barefoot on the washroom floor in an aircraft?" His answer was a firm no. I believe him. Can you guess my answer?

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  1. never thought that anyone would consider barefooting on a plane...?! that should fall under common sense eh?