Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Had me at utensils in a basket.

I was told the Breizh Café in Paris makes the most amazing crêpes using only the freshest ingredients. So off I went to the Le Marais area to indulge in this national dish. I have to commend Breizh Café for not placing the knives and forks directly onto the table -- an icky-pooh practice. Yes, some restaurants wipe down tables between customers, but not all do. And not all places spritz with a disinfectant or use a clean rag. I admired the utensil basket until my 100% organic buckwheat crêpe stole the show. The toilette, however, was not to be outdone by a crêpe. In the cubicle, a Hygiene Hunter's delight! A disinfectant-wipe dispenser on the wall! I would have knelt before it but a floor is never to be trusted. It's no wonder Breizh Café is also big in Tokyo. Hit.

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  1. I'm assuming they take away the basket after you've picked up the utensils. Otherwise, the basket would be more 'icky-pooh' than the table.