Monday, September 21, 2009

It was meant to be.

They say Paris is the perfect city to wander about aimlessly because you'll likely find something wonderful all on your own. They are right. As I dawdled through the streets on my last day here, I turned a corner and there it was. My Mona Lisa. My Rodin. My Eiffel Tower. My Office Public D'Hygiene. No queues. No museum pass required. I stood on this quiet Le Marais street for a long time appreciating the significance of those words. Passersby wondered what I was looking at. One day, they too will worship. It appears the office is no longer in this location, but I know their work continues. 


  1. Eva Polis in the streets of Paris putting the "H" back in Hygiene.

  2. yes, because the French don't pronounce the "H"... hilarious comment, Paul B.