Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You have to be crafty.

Last week was a three-city tour of duty for me. On my second trip of the week, I was inspired by an airport shop's "totally degradable" plastic bags. While I waited to board the airplane, I read the bag which kindly asked you reuse it and offered the following suggestions: perfect for your wet bathing suit; ideal laundry bag; holds 2 diapers; efficient shower cap; holds one muddy shoe. These thought starters led me to -- Instant Slippers.

On my third trip, I decided to test Instant Slippers. On any flight over 45 minutes I take off my shoes for comfort, but never touch the aircraft floor unprotected. Socks don't count (read my "Not just me." post). I would normally wear disposable slippers courtesy of hotels I've stayed in. Instant Slippers aren't ideal for long-haul flights because your feet won't breathe well.

Here's your how to guide. When you make a purchase, ask for an extra bag. Most clerks are nice people so you shouldn't have any trouble securing an extra bag. Unless, of course, too many people start asking for extra bags in which case you may have to make an extra purchase that warrants two bags.

When you've settled into your seat, take off your shoes, keep your socks on, slip your feet into the bags and enjoy the flight. Whatever you do, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK in your Instant Slippers. If you get any strange looks while wearing this creation, tell your seatmate where to go -- hygienehunter.com  

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