Thursday, September 24, 2009

The flu is circling.

They're selling H1N1 branded hand sanitizer at Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Travelers are taking the time to read H1N1 posters. Bulletins for H1N1 prevention are being issued across the globe. Still, I return from Paris only to be greeted by phlegmy co-workers. This week, my Hygiene Hunter practices and immune system are being tested. In addition to my overseas flight, my schedule includes three there-and-back airplane day trips and mingling with the great unwashed -- unless of course they read the memo. There is no room for a slip-up. I believe if you eat well, snort saline and avoid contact with common touch points you can avoid the flu. Some have resorted to masks. I'm still holding out for a Louis Vuitton runway version in fine black lace. There's a standing order in my office that no one uses my pen, my phone or my computer. They are even prohibited from breathing my air. These are my nearest and dearest, so they comply. But they've still to practice what I preach. If they did, they wouldn't be achy and sneezy and I wouldn't be put to the test. Admittedly, I freely use them as sacrificial door openers so I can walk through life uncontaminated.


  1. Brilliant idea for a designer lace mask... Love it! Don't touch that pen.

  2. A Japanese girl wearing a mask in class today was getting weird looks from people. My looks were looks of appreciation.

  3. I saw a girl getting off a city bus, also wearing a mask. She wore the mask with confidence. She wore it like a fashion statement.