Friday, April 16, 2010

You may not believe this.

Warning. Do not read the following while standing next to a glass coffee table. I, the Hygiene Hunter, used a communal snorkel.

You would think this goes against all Hygiene Hunter policies. And you would be right. However, I checked with the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai regarding their disinfection practices. I was told they are Three Step. Step One. The snorkels are dipped into clean water. Step Two. The masks are soaked in a sanitizing solution for 10 minutes. The solution used is made by Ecolabs and was chosen because it promises to even kill the bird flu virus. Hopefully, it doesn't kill the Hygiene Hunter. If I stop posting 72 hours from now you may not want to follow in my flippers. Step Three. The snorkels are air dried.

Thankfully, snorkels are cleaned after each use. The temptation to snorkel in King's Pond -- the on-property fresh mountain and ocean water pond stocked with more than 3,500 fish including Eagle Rays -- was too great. So I slipped into my wet suit, stepped into the flippers and popped the snorkel into my mouth. This being my first snorkeling experience, I swallowed some water first off. In the process I also swallowed some Manini. Sorry. It was the freshest sushi I have ever tasted. Swimming above the Eagle Ray was phenomenal. I covet its spotted coat. Hit.


  1. High praises for the Four Seasons if you are willing to do this.

  2. What will become us (the followers)?

  3. I am so happy to hear you tried this! I am glad you enjoyed it.
    Although - you are braver then I. I purchased my own set of snorkel gear and washed it before I left for the airport, sealed in a air tight bag until it was to be used.