Friday, April 23, 2010

Save me.

Being away from the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai for five minutes is stressful enough. After an entire day away, I required a holistic intervention. I checked myself into their spa. I could easily spend my entire vacation inside this gorgeous 28,000 square foot indoor/outdoor space devoted to beauty, healing and me -- this is, after all, the Four Seasons way. My first foray into bliss? The Wawali. A signature apothecary treatment with the magic word in its description -- cleansing.

Island elders helped to create the spa's apothecary by sharing their healing traditions and knowledge of native plants and minerals. You start by choosing from more than 20 indigenous ingredients to customize your treatment. You do this with your therapist. With ingredients like sea salt and nuts, Rachael Ray would not be out of place. I select Volcanic Mud (purifying and detoxifing). Spirulina (antioxidant). Green Tea (antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, plus vitamins B, C and E). Rose Petals (nourishing, healing and hydrating). Ginger Powder (warming). Crushed Macadamia Nuts (being delicious is benefit enough, non?). Kyle, my therapist, expertly mixes the ingredients.

While waiting in my outdoor treatment room for Kyle I cannot resist the temptation to sample my Wawali creation. I learn from Kyle this mixture is meant to go on my body, not in it. The treatment begins. When I emerge from a cocoon of warm linens I wash the body mask off in an outdoor shower. I relax in the spa's tropical gardens as I wait for my next treatment to begin. I am so relaxed I do not think I can type another word until Monday. Hit.

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