Friday, April 9, 2010

My new loves.

Meet my new people-and-planet-friendly cleaners. Up first is see-thru cleaner. Distilled water, vinegar, special blends of essential oils and love leave my mirrors and stainless steel appliances streak free -- just as promised on the bottle. This natural cleaner also smells delicious. I was about to make a salad dressing with see-thru cleaner when I read this: "Although it smells lovely, please do not eat this product or put it in your eyes." I appreciate the creativity of the product label. And I am quite certain my family appreciates not eating see-thru cleaner. Hit.

1 comment:

  1. Finding simple cleaning products with basic ingredients is important, yet challenging. Most products are filled with unnecessary chemical junk. My ease of nausea makes brand loyalty nearly impossible - I'd rather leave it dirty than deal with dizziness and vomiting.

    Small Planet looks promising. While I won't introduce it to my salads, I will acquaint it with my daily cleaning routine.