Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On to something.

Do yourself a favor. Next time you are in paradise, drink fresh coconut water. It is the next big thing in well-being with health food stores stocking their shelves with the tetra pack version -- at times, fresh ones can also be found in stores. Fresh is naturally better.

The ancient Hawaiians were ahead of us. That is because they are ancient Hawaiians. They took coconuts along with them on their voyages for the excellent hydration properties, electrolyte content and buoyancy. Oh, and the meat. Coconut water is also said to boost your immune system. Now that is important to the Hygiene Hunter in all of us.

I thought about climbing a tree for my coconut, but in addition to being a tad fearful of germs, I am a tad fearful of heights. The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai was more than happy to arrange for freshly picked and delivered coconut water. Daily. It arrives wrapped in plastic with a fully-clothed straw. Hit.


  1. coconut water makes me happy because it makes other people happy. Glad you could find it fresh!!

  2. Its also a laxative! hee hee, you may make your 4 times a day!