Monday, November 23, 2009

Whimsical and clean.

Red stall? Blue stall? Not all toilets in Beijing are squatters. The one pictured here is in one of my all-time favorite restaurants anywhere. The Whampoa Club is located in the Financial District in a courtyard house. I divided my time equally between the washroom complete with mood lighting that you can still see yourself in (and the surroundings) and an attendant who would turn the water faucets on and off for me and the dining area where food served included secret ingredients my waiter told me, "Would keep woman young."

I was so excited by this restaurant I asked for a tour of the kitchen which the chef was more than happy to take me on. The area was pristine. A truly fantastic feature of the Whampoa Club was the see-through ceiling pool with fish. You could point to your entree of choice and they would kill it for you upon order. Now I can say I've been fishing.

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