Friday, November 6, 2009

To quote Cher.

If I could turn back time it would be October 31, 2009. This past Saturday was my first Halloween in New York and it was infuckingcredible. Yes, I will wash my mouth out. Not with soap though. Warm salt water is more effective and according to an Intensivist and Thyroid Specialist can prevent proliferation of H1N1 in a healthy person  (more on that in an upcoming post). Moby agrees with me. Not about the salt water, but about Halloween. All Saints Day made this trip to NYC my most favorite to date.

New Yorkers of all ages paid homage to the holiday. The weather was beautiful during the day and then it poured kittens, fairies and ghouls at night. Most people were drenched which added to the fun. Fun for me because I had an umbrella. The shopkeeps at Diptyque in the West Village told me this was the best time of year to window-snoop inside some truly gorgeous homes. That's because occupants of brownstones turn on their lights and open their curtains to make their homes inviting to children.

I was supposed to be a rabbit, but the Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear bunny ears I wore -- although fantastic -- were not as dramatic as the runway version Madonna debuted at the Met Ball so I think I looked more like a rat. A fabulous rat mind you.

Truth be shared, I did experience two disappointments. The first: I didn't find any rats (read my "Rats? What rats?" post.). The second: the egg-bomb dropped by a dude at the Submercer. If it was part of your costume, I forgive you. If it wasn't, you need to pass on sulphur-rich foods when you know you're going to be in a small, enclosed space with others who very likely didn't check their sense of smell along with their coat. Hit.

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  1. Egg bombs and rats are the fortune of every great exploration! Nice work.