Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rats? What rats?

When you're looking for rats, you find Jude Law. When you're looking for Jude Law, you find rats. I'm terrified of mice. To face my fear I decided to go rat hunting in New York on Halloween Night. I could have rented a scary movie or gone to a haunted house, but this was freakier -- on many levels. Odi, the doorman working the night shift at The Mercer, told me where some of the best hiding spots for rats are in SoHo. I peered into piles of garbage. I poked around sewers. I looked behind grates. I circled the block. No sign. Jude Law, who's starring in Hamlet on Broadway, asked me if there was a deli up the street. I asked him if there were rats down the street. I think the rodents were wary of the revelers and didn't want to leave their nests. Miss.

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  1. First Judi Dench. Now Jude Law. Have all the Brits descended on NYC for Halloween? Good on you for rat hunting. I challenge you to take the subway!