Thursday, November 19, 2009

I thought I was a master squatter.

Until this. Try as I did I just couldn't hit my mark in this public squat toilet at the Great Wall of China in Beijing. It was as if I had an invisible penis with a mind of its own. I guess quite like having a real penis. As I hovered above the ground, my urine sprayed left, right, frontwards, backwards, on the ceiling, on my shoes, on someone else's shoes. It was hideous. I tried to run away as fast as I could, but my feet kept sticking to the ground. This is why you should never place your handbag, man bag or shopping bag on the floor in a restroom or on any floor for that matter. Being the Hygiene Hunter I was able to clean my hands because I always carry wet wipes or hand sani with me. This facility had no soap or paper towels. FYI, this is not my urine. I prefer taking pictures of other people's urine. Miss.


  1. I heard from a high up source that these squat toilettes are healthy way to take care of number two. They say that he body was designed to eliminate waste in a squatting position. With the advent of sitting-toilettes we just aren't clearing out the waste as efficiently as we should be. There are instances in history where we should revert back to old ways of doing things to allow the progression of humanity. I say let's revert back to the hunter gatherer's way of doing things and live a little lighter.

  2. I'm always very careful about where I step around urinals in mens rooms. There is almost always stuff on the floor. I don't really get it. Aiming is not that difficult. Also, when you bother to notice, there's a lot of spit on the sidewalks. These are very good reasons to take your shoes off before going into your house. I don't want this "cross contamination" ending up where it shouldn't be.