Monday, October 19, 2009

Apples have feelings too.

To be fair, we all touch fruits and veggies as we make our selection and that's why you should wash your F & V before you eat them. But did you ever stop to consider how the rejected fruit feels? Dan who grows organic Red Rome Beauty Apples and operates a stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco certainly does.

This past Saturday, Dan watched a lady manhandle almost an entire basket of his apples before rejecting them because some had slight imperfections -- even though he explained to her that less than perfect-looking fruit actually tastes better. The imperfections are a sign of stress the fruit has sustained and as a result improves flavor. "I started to feel bad for the rejected apples." Don't cry for the apples people because I bought some and then triple washed them. Hit.


  1. In SF/Berkeley the vendors usually separate the bruised apples from the "perfect" ones. I've seen boxes labelled "Apples with Issues" and "Cosmetically Challenged".

    Dan is absolutely right. I too choose the less than perfect apples because they generally taste better.

  2. Speaking of fruit…. I was taking the elevator at work with a new colleague, who was holding a Ziploc baggie of strawberries. Our cab stopped to let on a scraggly, rather unbathed man. Without even the slightest pause, he dove straight into her bag of strawberries with his filthy hand and half-slurred, half-sneered, “Gimme one of them strawberries!”


    She took it in remarkable stride. I covered my mouth and dry gagged. It was such an assault on hygiene – not to mention social protocols. Very disturbing. Wondering what you would have done?