Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A souvenir you can't bring back.

Let's just say you're walking along the streets of San Francisco and you see a used mattress laying about. You think to yourself, "Wow! I sure would like to take that back to Canada with me!" Work with me.

The thing is you can't. I found this interesting tidbit while searching Canada Border Services Agency info online on the ins and outs of importing cherries. I bought some delicious cherry preserves from Happy Girl Kitchen Co. at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and wasn't clear on whether or not I was allowed to cross the border with them. I knew importing fresh fruit can land you a major fine. When I landed in Canada I asked a customs agent why you can't cross the border with a used mattress. She said because they can harbor ticks and all sorts of other bugs. My obsession with clean mattresses is justified. Thank you CBSA. I'm quite certain that's not something they hear often. Hit.


  1. hey that's my mattress!!

  2. Yes this is classic alley art, I find this a sad photo of a homeless well used mattress.

  3. Are you reading Todd Babiak's stories about living in France? He had a mattress story you would love.

  4. Anita mentioned Todd Babiak's France mattress story.

    Here is the link: