Thursday, October 29, 2009

My hotel room rider.

Celebrities have riders. So should you. I'll explain why in Friday's post. I leave tonight for New York so today I'm busy packing Hygiene Hunter essentials like saline mist, jasmine oil, rose hydrosol, wet wipes, hand sani, plastic sandwich bags, flip flops, slippers, socks, tissue and Echinacea Combo. 


  1. You forgot one case of Voss water, and a box of dark chocolate and I mean dark:D

  2. Yeah, I agree! Just ‘like a celebrity!’ :D Mine, most probably, will remain as a list though. There’s a price you have to pay in exchange for pure luxury, after all. I’m fine, actually, staying in a room – even the most basic of its kind – just as long as things are clean. ;]