Thursday, October 22, 2009

Men behaving like gentlemen.

I didn't see one male patron attempting to relieve himself at the urinal hanging on the wall at the SFMOMA. That means they understood it was art. Or. They were shy. Or. They didn't understand the two in one concept. Alex Schweder's Bi-Bardon (2001) is the cleanest public facility I've ever encountered. If you dared me to, I would rub my bare hands all over it. But I would stop at drinking from it with a straw. Hit.


  1. To me this looks like a urinal from a nightmare.

    "I'm more of a stall man"
    -Larry David

  2. A couples urinal is a gold idea. I get a sense of impaired vision... great find HH.

  3. Swords, anyone?? I hear urine is quite hygienic. Dare you to touch one in NYC.