Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yikes and Amen.

At Easter Mass on Sunday I was thankful for having the foresight to bring hand wipes with me that do not smell like they will take the varnish off the pews. I say this with all due respect to Purell. The smell of traditional hand sani is far too obvious at church. The brand pictured above makes it smell more like I just decided to eat an orange. Admittedly, 'eating an orange' in church would not be considered cool. At all. During the height of H1N1 paranoia, hand shaking was banned at church. Which was a relief for me. Now the "Peace be with you moment" is back. Which presents a conflict for me. Whose hand can I shake? My own. Yeah! Whose do I avoid? Everyone's.

I have to believe some people are totally oblivious to hygiene because why in God's name would they think anyone would want to shake hands with them after they have been coughing into their hands, sneezing into them or wiping their nose with them. Here's a for instance. On Sunday, an adorable little boy two rows ahead of us had a cough and a runny nose. For a while he was coughing directly into his mother's face. She eventually covered his mouth with her hand. She was totally off my Peace List. Then mommy wiped her son's nose with a tissue. Nicely done. She then gave the tissue to the boy who proceeded to wipe the pew in front of him with the well-used tissue. Over and over again.

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