Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A fish with an appetite.

Tell me, why can't I pick up one of these at my local pet store? Goldfish are so pedestrian. This is a Big Scale Solider Fish. Found in Hawaiian waters and in a massive aquarium at the Pahu i`a restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. He has big eyes because he is a night feeder. One of his best friends is a Flame Hawkfish. Who is TOTALLY COOL. Get this. He eats shrimp, snails and FEATHER DUSTER WORMS.

In my world, those would be nasty things picked up on the end of my feather duster. In his world they are sedentary marine polychaete tube worms (thank you Wikipedia). In either world they clearly need to be eliminated. Frank, as he is affectionately known by Brandon, a waiter at Pahu i`a , was elusive and did not want his picture taken until he talked to his agent. Until then, be a Frank and feed on Feather Duster Worms. Hit.


  1. What did the Big Scale Soldier fish say to the Flame Hawkfish, when the Flame Hawkfish asked the Big Scale Soldier fish if they could be best friends?

  2. You can be my best friend fish'shore!!!

  3. Dear Hygiene Hunter,

    I have asked Ciro Tacinelli, from Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, to compose this email as my fishy fins are not adept enough to navigate the keyboard.

    I saw your blog yesterday (through the glass of my "room with a view") and I must say, I am deeply appreciative. I work selflessly to maintain a clean environment for my aquatic friends and the thousands of guests each year that come to visit. You have so expertly articulated my vocation, which is really more of a labor of love.

    Ciro and I have been impressed with your clever, concise and compassionate writing style so I wanted to say mahalo. I am honored to grace the pages of your blog as a representative of sea life here at Hualalai.

    And I am a bit shy as you know, but you and Marvin caught my good side. Thanks!