Thursday, April 29, 2010


A battle took place in my room at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai between Private Steam Shower with ceiling-mounted rainfall shower head and Private Outdoor Lava Rock Garden Shower with blue sky and sunshine. In the left-me-cleaner-than-a-glass-in-a-Cascade-commercial category, it was a tie.

PSS had the upper hand in detoxification. POLRGS fought back with an infusion of Vitamin D. Both had soap. Tie. No. Wait. After a few minutes I could no longer find the soap in PSS because of the steam created. Or the door. I made my acquaintance with PSS's floor. I feared not. The housekeeping team is so thorough here, I knew I would be found during turn-down service. PSS really was private. POLRGS, perhaps not so private. Is that you, Green Camouflage Bird I see in that tree? I saw you watching me at breakfast.

The winner? POLRGS! The Hygiene Hunter loves a dirty little bird once in a while. Private Outdoor Lava Rock Shower also takes number one spot on my list of Top Showers. Hit.

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