Thursday, April 8, 2010

Try this with Nuts & Bolts.

This will not surprise you. I am not a fan of candy dishes or say communal popcorn. Perhaps I do not care for sharing because I am an only child. Lightbulb! Perhaps I am the Hygiene Hunter because I do not care for sharing. Moving on. Apple bowls at hotels. Nice idea. In principle. This will not surprise you. I am not a fan of fruit bowls. I know it is not much different than a grocery store. Except in hotels most people take an apple and then bite into it right away. That's why I liked this wrapped in plastic approach at one hotel. No sneezy, coughy germs to worry about. Unless of course they are on the plastic. I am always thinking.

1 comment:

  1. After a long flight, with no tasty airline treats, I'm ready for an apple. Put a Red Delicious in the lobby, put a Gala near the concierge, put a Granny Smith in the room. Unwrapped, wrapped, in a bowl or flying solo... I am always thinking about apples!