Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Mercer Hotel is my hero.

If a hotel room doesn't meet your expectations a rider gives you an out. The rider is something you and the hotel need to agree to ahead of time and you should be clear to communicate that it overrides their cancellation policy.

Learn from my experience in New York a few trips ago. After looking at three rooms in a hotel that will remain unmentioned -- all with stained mattresses -- I had enough and decided to check out. The reservation manager was delightful enough to ask me why I had a problem sleeping on other people's stains. I looked at her with crazy eyes. She insisted on charging me half a night's stay which amounted to just under $400 US. So incredibly thoughtful of her.

A reputable hotel will usually let you out of your reservation to keep you happy and their reputation intact. FYI, once you give a hotel your credit card number you are agreeing to their cancellation policy and it is within their right to charge you accordingly -- even if their hotel disappoints. This fact was confirmed by VISA. Unmentioned hotel's policy is a two night charge for cancellation without something like five days notice. I guess they thought they were doing me a favor. I'll do them a favor by not naming them.

I guess this was my penance for cheating on my go to hotel -- The Mercer. If other hotels are interested in mastering the concept of boutique, they should attend finishing school at the Mercer. The Mercer came to my rescue when I left the unmentionable and I have been loyal ever since. That's why I'm back on this trip. And this is my beyond fabulous and immaculate room. Hit.

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    First class Lady all the way! Happy belated halloween.