Friday, October 2, 2009

My dirty laundry.

I've only thrown caution to the wind once. And the wind was not impressed. In a reckless moment, I chose to eat in bed.

At the Opus Hotel in Vancouver, Canada I decided to treat myself to a few extra minutes in bed with a power cookie and Vogue. After about fifteen minutes, I looked down in horror at the sheets to see long brown streaks on the white linens. I don't sleep in the nude! I'm a fastidious wiper. Was I being framed by housekeeping? Using my CSI skills gleaned from David Caruso, I launched my investigation. "Long brown streaks. Looks like something brown. And long. And streaked." As it turns out, a couple of chocolate chips dropped from the cookie onto the bed. The chocolate chips caught my heel which I in turn dragged across their 400 thread count sheets. I didn't feel the chips because I was wearing socks.

The moral of the story? In addition to not messing with the wind, carry travel soap. I spot cleaned the bed sheet and blew it dry so no one would ever know. Until now.

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