Thursday, October 15, 2009

A presidential welcome.

Oh my goodness! I was so touched. So overwhelmed. As we left San Francisco Airport and approached the city I noticed the streets to be suddenly clean and free of traffic. In fact, ahead of us was an advance car with flashing lights. Leather-clad motorcycle officers wearing gloves were lined up to the left and right of me. A helicopter kept pace. I thought perhaps the hotel does indeed know I am The Hygiene Hunter. Bless their hearts.

Then my driver Clovis looked in his rearview mirror and said, "That's President Obama behind us." We pulled over and jumped out of the car. Obama waved. I cried. BTW, my room at The Fairmont San Francisco was 99% perfect. They lost one percentage point for a long black hair on the duvet; likely a housekeeper's. I went to bed wondering if Obama got a clean mattress too. Hit.

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