Monday, September 7, 2009

Delicious. Until I had to wash my hands.

There's not much that can turn me off from chocolate, but this came close. The dark chocolate macaroon was delicious. Okay, who am I kidding. Make that plural. Macaroons. Before leaving the shop I required the use of the ladies' room. When I went to wash my hands I noticed a bar of soap in place of liquid hand soap. That was enough to turn my stomach. My mind whirled like a good Hygiene Hunter's should. How old was the bar? What devilish treats were lurking on it? How many people choose not to wash their hands because it was a bar? Do staff have separate hand washing facilities? Please, Patron Saint of Chocolate, let that be so. And, is this not grounds for French Revolution Part Deux? On a personal note, I managed to leave the facility without being a germ carrier because I always carry antiseptic wipes with me. The wipes also performed double duty with the door knob. Miss.

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