Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Six hurricanes and a mattress.

Meet Steve. He's six-feet-something tall. Married. Has a job. Waters his lawn. So what does Steve do when the one-too-many Hurricanes he's had to drink in New Orleans pay him a visit in his hotel bed? (No, after he vomits.) Being the nice guy Steve is, he flips the mattress. Flips The Mattress! With The Help Of His Wife! Steve thought he was being helpful. Yes, Steve was embarrassed, but what he should have done was call housekeeping and blame it on his wife. Steve is why I check both sides of a mattress in a hotel before I accept a room.

David Crouch, Director of Housekeeping, Four Seasons Maui at Wailea, gives this advice. "Accidents happen. Call us so we can take care of it immediately. The sooner we know about it the better." Oh, David you're so polite.

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