Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bad lady.

What do you do when the person sitting next to you on an airplane threatens to cough in your face? Cough in her face first? Scream "Terrorist attack!"? Run like hell!? To the other end of the plane? I opted to start a blog.

The backstory. I was settling into my seat wiping down the armrests to the left and right of me with hand sani. I fly a lot so I see how individuals of all ages mistreat public surfaces. From the way the woman seated next to me was staring, you would think I was performing a satanic ritual. Okay, so I may have been cellophaned from head to toe, but that doesn't give her an excuse, does it? I didn't react to her bug eyes or when she upped her efforts by not covering her mouth when she coughed. She wanted a confrontation, but I wasn't biting because I know that's a really good way to catch something. She sunk lower by loudly declaring to her seatmate, “I should cough in her face!” Had I caught her name I would have sent her a greeting card.

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