Friday, August 27, 2010

My Garden of Eden.

Local and organic food is always your best choice for the ultimate in nutritional value. No railway car contaminants, preservatives or touchy feely people in grocery stores to concern yourself with. I find it really difficult to go back to eating store bought apples after the deliciousness of my fruit trees in the summer.


  1. Yes. You are definitely right! Organic and fresh food are the best food that a person can eat! Healthy, tasty and has really good benefits. Thanks for sharing this photo. I think I have to go to the market and buy some apples.

  2. I totally agree on you! Local and organic foods are really the best for a people to eat but many didn’t realize it. I have apple tree in my backyard and it really gives me fun and healthy lifestyle when ever we harvest its fruits.

  3. Local and organic food is the best. You can save time, effort and money. It is better if it is from your own garden! So better start gardening to make your eating habits cheaper but healthier.