Monday, August 30, 2010

First I buy this book.

Happy Birthday to Me. I bought this book for myself as a birthday gift because as I was flipping through it I came across a section entitled Apples are Ace! With three bountiful apple trees I wanted to know more. The author purports apples keep your hair and nails lustrous and are a boost to your immune system. It's just as important to be clean on the inside as it is the outside.

And then there are RECIPEEEEES. After a piece of non-raw chocolate birthday cake I turned to my new bible. Keeping with the celebration theme I chose to read chapter Party Time. This is a totally cool bible. "Raw juices make the most sublime mixers for alcohol ..." I love balance.

Author Leslie Kenton stresses the importance of enjoying yourself and writes a premium brand of vodka that is exceptionally pure will not give you a hangover. Okay. Party Time. Her words. Not mine.

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