Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Devil Wears Prada. And Balenciaga?

My husband came through with a Sublet Hunting For My Son In New York On A Budget shortlist. He even had the foresight to tour one of the properties. I said, "Let's start with that one." He made me feel like a hard to please person:( with his cautionary and emphatic disclaimer "Well, I like it." Reminder. I am not person. Nor a devil. Hygiene Hunter. Not an excuse. A given. The property is in SoHo, it is affordable and the owner is friendly. I am suspicious. And then ... I love what I see! In the ICK! Shared bathroom! I remind myself this place is for my son, not me. SANI WIPES ON THE TOILET TOP! Too perfect! I am suspicious! Did my husband plant the wipes there? To please me?

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