Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is not a public toilet.

Spikes are installed in window sills in London, England to keep pigeons from defacing them. I wonder if spiked hair creations also have the same effect? Hit.


  1. I've seen those spikes on a few buildings around Edmonton. I always thought they were pigeon traps though.

    I'm also a supporter and founder of the theory that if we start eating pigeons they'll leave the cities because they'll become terribly afraid of us. The following article doesn't suggest they'll leave but it does suggest that pigeons are good to eat:

    So let's clean up the cities and start eating pigeon.

  2. Re: spiked hair. When I was in university in the 1960s my beehive hairdo didn't solve the problem. Like all my fellow dorm residents, I spent ages every morning getting my hair all back-combed into a "do," and then headed out to class. As I walked beneath a tree, a bird pooped on the top of my head!