Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clever protection.

Not one, but two. Not thin, but thick. Covent Garden Hotel does have it right when it comes to protecting their mattresses from human indignities. If for instance someone chooses to use the bed as a toilet then CGH only has to replace the mattress protectors -- not an expensive mattress. This is a planet friendly and Hygiene Hunter pleasing move more hotels should consider if only to make my life easier. At CGH, if all goes well, a mattress has a two-year life span at which point it is automatically replaced. Personally, I am a fan of virgin mattresses. Hit.


  1. If this is all it takes to make sure I'm not sleeping on someone else's urine, blood or vomit, every hotel should do this. A mattress cover can be laundered or tossed. That would be very expensive for the actual mattress so I guess that's why the stains get hidden under the sheets. I'll pick the hotel with the mattress covers. I don't want to sleep on someone else's dirty mattress any more than I want to eat off of someone else's dirty dishes. Good work Covent Garden!

  2. It's nice to see a mattress that practices the art of safe bed making.