Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things I Love Week. Day 3.

If you may recall, I was tempted to make salad dressing with see-thru cleaner. See-thru cleaner's mate, germs-be-gone, smells less tasty although still lovely. Think of it as something you might use as an underarm deodorant, but won't. Which is impressive considering it is willing to go head-to-head with baby change tables.

Distilled water, castile soap, essential oils and good karma are the only ingredients you will find in this household cleaner. I adore any cleaner that does not warn against inhaling. AND BONUS, germs-be-gone suggests you are spreading a little bit of peace throughout your home when using this product. Germs-be-gone for every angry nation.

These cleaners are available from On their website, Small Planet states that Enviro Test Laboratories found germs-be-gone reduced bacteria such as E.coli and Enterobacter by 99.5 %. Enterobacter? The Hygiene Hunter has never heard of this villain before.

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