Monday, May 31, 2010

Barefoot in Miami.

Dear South Beach:

I have always thought of you as sexy, but never, my apologies in advance, clean. Encountering a used condom on the beach confirmed by Dirty-Sexy Theory. So who-what-where-when-why would make me take my shoes off? Answer. Toothbrushes.

When I was told the former Gianni Versace mansion was under new ownership by Barton G. Weiss and boasted of a new hotel/restaurant The Villa By Barton G my reaction was still meh. (I heard former owners held tawdry parties there.) I was then told Weiss went to extraordinary efforts to restore the mansion to its Glory Days of Gianni. How extraordinary? The mansion's famed tiles were individually scrubbed with toothbrushes. That was all I needed to hear. The next thing I know I am eating Dover Sole off beautiful Versace-Rosenthal china. Which, BTW, was the best fish I have ever eaten. The preparation was perfect in its simplicity. And then, I just had to do it. I needed to run my bare feet over the mansion's legendary Thousand Mosaic Pool. I asked and was given permission to cross the velvet rope to the pool. Off came my shoes. Here and only here.


The Hygiene Hunter