Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One tough decision.

Traveling further west, I reach the coast. I'm early for my ferry reservation to Salt Spring Island. So I stop in the town of Tsawwassen, British Columbia for a meal. Problem. Nikko Sushi has one of the cleanest restaurant washrooms I've ever seen. I want to eat in the washroom. I call The Hygiene Hunter. She talks me down. Hit.

- The Hygiene Hunter's Husband


  1. Wow it must of been clean. I think I'll go there for lunch just to see the washroom.
    Hygiene hunter, what do you think of hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner? And do you use hand sanitizer on your skin?

    Cliff & Andrea
    PS hi to your husband

  2. The Hygiene HunterJuly 28, 2010 at 12:30 AM

    I have never used hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner. A number of years ago my pharmacist advised against using it on wounds suggesting it actually impedes healing. I miss the bubbles:( Currently I enjoy my small planet cleaning products. They smell delicious and are effective. I will use diluted bleach in case of emergencies. For instance, the night a champagne glass broke while my husband was drying it and slit his wrist. There was blood everywhere. By the time I finished disinfecting the kitchen he stopped bleeding. Clearly I have my priorities in order and a new husband:)

    I use hand sanitizer liberally on public surfaces like airplane seats and common touch points in hotel rooms and boardrooms, but prefer soap and water for my hands -- more thorough and less drying. I will use hand sanitizer if soap/water not available.

    In addition to being in the cleanest washroom ever my husband has also been in the dirtiest one ever. The location was Paris and to this day he will not eat a Croque Monsieur because of the association.

  3. Thanks, Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing and if you google the uses of it you'll be amazed. Many countries use it as there water purifier instead of chlorine like we use. I use it now for cleaning and as my hand sanitizer. I was always wondering way it was so fresh after a rain and what I learnt was the clouds produce H2O2 which Hydrogen Peroxide. Water is H2O so all HP is is one more cell of oxygen .And when it falls to the earth it purifies. And after a rain thats why we breath in so much freshness it's just extra oxygen. Germs can not live where there is extra oxygen anyways the story goes on. Just google Hydrogen Peroxide and healing together and it will take you on an adventure. I love learning about this stuff and love getting away from chemicals not just germs. Anyways I hope you had a great day.Cliff