Friday, July 2, 2010

Better than a sleeping pill.

New mattress. New pillows. New duvet. Can you overdose on clean? I am beginning to think so because I cannot get out of bed. Someone call 911. Think of the shopping, galleries and cafes waiting for me just outside The Mercer Hotel. Prada, I can see you. On second thought ... all of those people in the streets of SoHo do not know what they are missing. Bedding without a history. Hit.

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  1. Hi Eva - You and I met briefly yesterday at Pastis. I am the woman with the Birkin bag on the towel on the floor! I am also staying at the Mercer at the moment! I live in London and it is my favourite place to flop in NYC. I agree with you and BTW you looked great!
    Best, Roberta