Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things I Love Week. Day 4.

After a year of sleeping on a mistake as opposed to with one, I had to, had to, had to, replace my mattress. I was tempted to replace THE MISTAKE with one of the ultra comfortable mattresses I have slept on in hotels. Yes, there is more to comfort than lack of other people's bodily fluids.

Then I was reminded that THE MISTAKE was supposed to be just like the one I had slept on in a hotel (the brand name is not enough; you require minutia to ensure you are purchasing the same product). BUT. The issue of off-gassing did concern me. Especially considering I was off-gassed by THE less than one-year-old MISTAKE.

So I ventured into the expensive world of organic mattress shopping. Which is in itself quite complicated. Made more so by the fact that once you buy, there are usually no comfort exchange guarantees. After a significant amount of research, I chose a Sueno 6" plus 4" Natural Rubber Sleep System. The verdict three weeks in? I LOVE IT. It does not smell like I am sleeping on a pile of rubber boots, or worse rubber tires, which I will admit was a concern. The difference? Natural rubber is made without petrochemicals.

This mattress promises to be durable, flexible and RESILIENT TO MOLD AND DUST MITES. Instead of a toxic flame retardant -- thank-you-person-who-was-smoking-in-bed-and-caught-on-fire-and-likely-sued-and-now-we-all-have-to-pay-for-your-mistake-by-sleeping-on-chemicals -- pure wool is used to act as a natural flame retardant.

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