Friday, May 28, 2010

Lucky dog.

This dog was fetching a stick in the Atlantic Ocean in South Beach, Miami. A stick. Not a condom. Thank goodness. Whether it is a gyro wrapper or a gyro wrapper, you know where it belongs. Repeat after me. IN A TRASH CAN. NOT THE BEACH. This dog is cleared to lick you. You. Not me.


  1. keep your wrappers under wrap,
    (....if he did lick you at least
    he was in sea salt water)

  2. I think it's possible that this dog may have sought out a South Beach shark to amputate its hind leg after accidentally stepping on the condom. I don't blame the hygienic beast either.

  3. Or wait, never mind. That's just a wave that makes it look like the dog is missing a leg.

    I rushed to conclusions because my first reaction if I were to ever step on a beached condom would be to cut off my foot.