Monday, February 1, 2010

Good advice from a sign.

Dear Readers:

You have every right to wonder what hood the Hygiene Hunter was in to encounter such a dire warning. I would have hung my purse up if I could, but it looks like somebody stole the hook. Okay, no I wouldn't. Onward. Personally, I am more wary of germs than bottom feeders. That's why I would never put anything down on a bathroom floor or pick anything up off a bathroom floor. Like a cheese bun. I witnessed a girl in a bathroom do just that in a stall next to me. At least I assume it was the girl who picked it up, but maybe it was a bun snatcher.

Air Hugs,

Hygiene Hunter.


  1. My friends cheek looked like a cheese bun after sleeping face down on a bathroom floor. I once saw a guy toss a set of tighty whities that dropped on the bathroom floor.

  2. Mmmm. Cheese bun and pubic air. Delicious. The only person's pubic hair I want in my mouth is... No, wait. I don't want anyone's public hair in my mouth!