Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I would eat here.

In addition to germs, I am not always fond of people. In particular, masses of people. I guess I also suffer from don't-stand-so-close-to-me-phobia. Crowds equal germs. Don't cry for me Argentina. Most of my best friends are imaginary.

When you are trapped in a crowd you are more vulnerable to people. And naturally pickpockets. Who are people with truly bad intentions. In Paris, there is the cafe crowd to contend with. When sitting outdoors you are at the mercy of oblivious people who blow smoke in the direction of your Croque Madame. This is mostly inevitable because that's where smokers sit since Paris banned The Nasty inside restaurants. Hooray! For the indoor part. That's why I adored this moment at this brasserie. The only problem? It was closed. Imaginary food just doesn't taste the same. Sigh.

1 comment:

  1. My recommendation is to only go into an empty restaurant if you've been there before or someone can verify the quality of the establishment. In my lifetime I've wandered into several empty restaurants only to be disappointed. I once had my meal prepared by a 13 year old in a nice looking empty restaurant and I'm pretty sure the vegetables were less than frozen Green Giant. I've never had the same disappointment going into a busy restaurant.

    Having said that, McDonalds is almost always busy.