Monday, January 11, 2010

Such a charming idea.

Dearest Covent Garden Hotel Housekeeper:

When I returned to my room and found the bed cushions on the floor I fainted. When I came to I was grateful they were on the ground because they cushioned my fall. In my concussed state I mulled over the benefits of sleeping on the floor since that's where you placed my pillows. A floor sleeping arrangement would definitely eliminate the need for my signature mattress inspection. In theory, I would not have to concern myself with bed bugs since technically there would be no bed. And maybe, just maybe, more people would wear slippers in a room if they too were forced to sleep on a floor. All excellent points with merit. Then I became practical. The downside obvious. Lifting a mattress pad to ascertain a stain-free sleeping surface is relatively straightforward compared to tearing up a carpet. Being the Hygiene Hunter you just know I would have to know what lies beneath.

Air Kisses,

Hygiene Hunter.

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