Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year cleanse.

In addition to my external cleanliness habits, I do believe it's important to stay clean on the inside. That includes diet, exercise and massage. One of my favorite therapists practices in London, England. Jenny Waite always offers good advice along with her services at The Treatment Room in the Covent Garden Hotel. I choose reflexology and a deep massage to help eliminate toxins from 2009. As Jenny explains, even she can't accomplish that in one session.

On this visit, she confirms the human race tends to hang onto too much stuff. Stress can be stored in the large intestines and anxiety can lead to stomach troubles. Regularity is affected by a combination of diet and stress. Ideally your bowel pattern should include more than one visit to the loo a day. Jenny says colon massage can help you on the path to pooping like a baby and attaining the four-a-day goal believed by experts in this field to be the ultimate. I will make this my New Year's resolution number two. Hit.

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  1. My countertop juicer is my colon massager, am I in trouble?