Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hail the white glove.

Shopping along Old & New Bond Street in London, England during the holiday season is particularly magical with its display of twinkling lights, evergreen floral displays and sale signs. The most magical window of all was Sotheby's with their homage to white gloves. The write-up in the display window explained that at the end of the sale the technician hands his white gloves to the auctioneer as a sign of respect for the latter's accomplishments.

I just like the fact they wear gloves to handle precious objects like the Romanov Heirlooms. Gloves can offer you a layer of protection, but they shouldn't give you a false sense of security. Personally, I still use a tissue to navigate my way through this world. That's just me. If you wear gloves remember to consider what you've touched and what you're about to touch next -- heirloom or not. Hit.

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  1. In my art history class we toured the Print Study Centre - the curator would show us marvelous Japanese woodblock prints and Emily Carr paintings.

    The class was told to keep their hands away from the masterpieces. The curator, of course, was the sole handler of the artwork because he wore these exact white gloves.

    So although, there is a sense of power that comes with knowing the oil on my hands can soil history. . . I vow to have a pair of white gloves on standby for my next brush with a masterpiece.