Friday, July 30, 2010

Sir, your table in the alley is ready.

The Tree House Cafe is in the village of Ganges on Salt Spring Island. It's so popular, people actually overflow into the alley for dinner every night. Eating dinner in an alley isn't something The Hygiene Hunter normally approves of, so here's the back story.

The Tree House is owned by Mark LeCorre, former soundman for many Canadian music icons like the Tragically Hip, Jan Arden and others. Mark gave up life on the road a few years ago and bought the Tree House Cafe. During the summer, there are 112 consecutive nights of live music featuring amazing local talent and performers from all over Canada. There's no cover charge. They just pass the bucket and everyone chips in for the performers.

Back in the alley, the tables are immaculate. Sprayed with sanitizer after each meal. Cutlery is wrapped in napkins. The Hygiene Hunter would love you Mark. Hit.

- The Hygiene Hunter's Husband

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