Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What do we have here?

A confessional in a lingerie shop? A dressing room that looks like a confessional? Oh, if that chair could talk. Coco de Mer staff in London kindly explained this particular arrangement is a unique way to keep all parties entertained while shopping for erotic luxuries.

This is how the drama unfolds. One person tries on the garments in the room pictured here while their partner waits on the other side of the red box -- just like in church minus the partner and the trying-on-the-garment-part. When the person is ready to reveal their look they open the confessional and TA-DA ... SEXY TIME. And you do not even have to pay a quarter for the peep show. Money. Dirty. No Touchy.

Another plus is not having to come out of the change room to secure an opinion on whether or not the Spatula Spanker works with the Butterfly Merkin.

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