Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something different for Remembrance Day.

From Astrid a true presence to behold.

At 11 pm on November 11 -- wherever you are -- go into your stillness and send love and affection to the Mother Earth. Just send it from your heart with thanks. Then say Ma Ya Hai for a few times. You can say this slowly,

If you can --do this for 11 days in a row. You will feel and sense a difference in your awareness and how you and family and friends feel.

Your "message" of love and acknowledgement will become part of the collective energy field. It's late in the day and perhaps past your bedtime. However you may be surprised at how your days following will unfold and how you feel.

It's like Christmas -- stay up and give a gift.
Don't forget to sign in your email address at the
site. This will document the numbers of people who participated.

Tell your friends.

Ma Ya Hai to All

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