Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After my facial at Deva Spa I felt revitalized. This is an absolute compliment to both Deva staff and space. Do you have a room to rent, I wonder as I meditate in front of the waterfall wall? After 2.5 hours, I feel relaxed enough to go on with Sublet Hunting For My Son In New York On A Budget. Not relaxed enough to accept smells I could not identify. Not relaxed enough to be open to unadvertised pets. And not relaxed enough to spend $5,0000 plus a month. To be honest, my son was completely open to sleeping on a stranger's couch which is a popular option at Couch Surfing. So I did what only a self-respecting Hygiene Hunter could do and I tasked my husband with providing me a shortlist of rental properties I would be willing to consider. I waited for him at Caravan of Dreams in the East Village listening to the piano man and drinking a coconut shake.

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