Monday, August 16, 2010

My husband the hero.

It is amazing what can be accomplished while I am having a facial. Prescouting the location was a brilliant move by my husband. If someone has to be subjected to the aroma of brie and corpse as I was the other day, it best be him. No, I am not cruel. He just does not possess a keen sense of smell. Unlike I do.

Despite the shared bathroom I chose the Room in SoHo Loft. Not a sublet, but rather a fantastic B & B alternative. In a loft space. Hence the name. Owners Albert and Michele rent four rooms -- two on the fifth floor (shared bath) and two on the seventh (private baths). The use of common space on both floors including kitchen and living area, in addition to the sani wipes in the bathroom, impressed me. We were off to an excellent start. BTW the wipes were not planted by my husband. Kudos Albert and Michele. They did not know I am the Hygiene Hunter.

Space is a luxury when Sublet Hunting For My Son In New York On A Budget. It appeared we had found clean/tidy/spacious. I did not, however, make a PayPal payment until I inspected the mattresses. Albert was open to the ritual. The mattresses passed on both the fifth and seventh floor. Zach would be splitting his time between two rooms because neither was available straight through for the length of his stay. Hit.

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