Monday, February 22, 2010

No touchy.

The Hotel d'Aubusson was full of little surprises. Another interesting feature was the room card activated lights. Put the card in and the lights go on. Take the card out and the lights go off. An energy saver for the planet and the Hygiene Hunter. I had a few less common touch points to disinfect. Hit.


  1. I'm really bad with hygiene. I never sit on bed with clothes I hv worn out. I even use tissue to use office kettle. Never put anything on floor even grocery shopping bags n try n use own pen to sign credit cards. At hotel I will use shower cap to wrap remote. In taxis I don't even lean on back of seat if I can help it. I constantly hv wet tissues in my handbag. The list goes on ... crazy ... we're called cleanaholics. I saw documentary on discovery n living where cleanaholics would spend 4hrs a day cleaning n they would rather do this then go out. They recommend fabric softener diluted with water for dusting, which I hv yet to try.

    I bleach n wash my sponges (for dishes) each week as they can collect lots of bacteria. I had separate ones for my dad to use. I had assigned certain pots for him as he burnt n stained my expensive ones n even with the best stain remover, was impossible to remove!!! I didn't go into the kitchen for the entire time they were here (8 months), well just went in to get a drink but not to cook. Helper comes 3x a week but with dad's daily cooking, place was dirty:)

    Think I'm paranoid ... my couch is leather easy to clean. I clean it each time someone has sat on it unless it's me n bf wearing our home clothes ... now whose crazier!!!?

  2. This should be mandatory at all Hotels! Then all I'd need to take was 2 ziplocks - 1 for the card and one for the deadly remote!!

  3. It's all going touch screen these days, love it!!